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Permanent Cosmetics/Microblading


Eyebrows Microblading/PMU

Eyebrows Powder Shading

Eyeliner Enhancement

Upper/Lower Eyeliner Enhancement

Lip Blushing/Tint

Nipple Areola Breast Tattoo

Beauty Mark


TouchUps 4-6 weeks after your initial procedure.



Eyeliner    $180 (within 3 Mnths), $200 (within 6 Mnths)

Eyebrows $180 (within 3 Mnths), $200 (within 6 Mnths)

Eyeliner Upper/Lower $120  (within 6 Mnths)

Lips          $190 (within 3 Mnths), $220 (within 6 Mnths)

Annual Touchup

Eyebrows $299

Eyeliner    $299 

Lips          $350






The shape, size and color of eyebrows can be dramatically altered by a permanent pigment procedure.

It is the ideal procedure for men and women who desire thicker and fuller brows, which is accomplished by a artistic touch and design.

Permanent eyeliner for lash enhancement is a procedure that beautifies the appearance of the eyes by implanting pigment between the lashes.
The procedure not only results in the lashes appearing thicker, but the eyes look larger, becoming the focal point of the face.

A wide range of options is possible with lip enhancement, from subtle lip liners, to full lip coverage, including alteration of the shape of the lips. Color options range from natural to dark or bright shades to a lip stain.
This procedure is especially effective to obtain either a fuller or thinner appearance of the lips, and gives uneven lips a symmetrical look.

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