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TriGuard Plus Tongkat Ali - Energy & Stamina Support 60 mL (2oz)


TriGuard® Plus Tongkat Ali - Energy & Stamina Immune Support provides a dose of high-quality, clean botanicals to help naturally support your immune system and mental well being.* Carefully crafted with a blend of Tongkat Ali Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, and Ginger Root Extract it works to support your body's natural immune response.* This alcohol-free formula can be taken orally when you need a boost to help fight off that seasonal cold or flu.*

Benefits of Tongkat

Reduced Stress

Improving male fertility & testosterone levels

Protection Against Cancer

great impact on the improved muscle strength

faster muscle recovery & muscle strength

Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Reduced Fatigue

Antimicrobial Effects

Enhanced Weight Loss

Improved libido, lean muscle mass, reduction of body fat, and increased mental performance and overall ...

TriGuard Plus Tongkat Ali - Energy & Stamina Support 60 mL (2oz)

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